Architecture &
Town Planning

We brings you the best solution and design for the built environment, buildings and construction.


we ensure a reliable transportation system with modern design and longevity.

Public Health

Experience in Design consultancy for Drainage ,Sewerage networking & Sewerage treatment Plant.

Real Estate

Houses for sale by land and any permanent developments associated with land, whether natural or man-made.

Survey & Geotechnical Investigation

It is often referred to as a geotechnical "survey". The domain investigation is tasked with finding the current soil.

Radiant Engineering

We not only construct buildings also build a good relationship.

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About Company

A group of efficient and innovative people

Radiant is an organization which offers civil engineering and architectural consultancy. It is a fast growing firm which has secured a prominent place in west Bengal for its outstanding proficiency in infrastructural as well as in architectural jobs. At present it is engaged in infrastructural jobs which involve development of 25 sqkm. Its architectural jobs span across more than a million sqft.

Radiant has all energy of youth and guidance of experienced veterans from specific fields. It has unique complementarities, all required expertise, and long term understanding within the team. Radiant is well equipped with the most advanced software and it certainly follows most sophisticated knowhow in global context. Radiant is a trustworthy name for its excellence, punctuality and all time cooperation.

Radiant has its own philosophy of work. It intends to create a healthy living environment by bringing nature close to people and thereby adding humanistic value to the living environment. It emphasis both functional and aesthetic aspects. Radiant believes in pouring passion, dedication and hard work in its assignment and thereby delivering the best value to its client. It intends to build up long term relationship with its client.


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Modern and luxurious designing in India

Apart from looking attractive designing efficiently can not only save you of your resources but can also be a smart choice for the future. To keep up with this rapidly changing world we provide only the state of the art design and architectural solutions.

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